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Syroyezkha Family by Niladhevan
Syroyezkha Family
Chanterelle ("Mushroom") and Mukhomor ("Mushroom") Syroyezkha ("Mushroom")

I'm great at naming characters

Wee mushroom picker by Niladhevan
Wee mushroom picker
For the bi-weekly event at :iconeterna-academia:

Mama Chanterelle wrote the caption, it simply says "mushroom picking" and "Russule at age 5" o:
Eterna Academia - Russule Syroyezhka by Niladhevan
Eterna Academia - Russule Syroyezhka
[ Basic Information ]

Name: Russule Syroyezhka
Nickname: none
Date of Birth: 1st of October
Age: 35 y.o
Gender: agender. "He", "She" or "They" are equally used. 
Height: 1.67m
Weight: 75 kg

[ Magical Information ]

Status: ??

Occupation: Professor of Potions

Dorm: A2

Rank: Rank 1

Magical Ability
Alchemy [alteration of materials' properties to enhance their use in potion crafting] 
Telekinesis [ability to manipulate objects with the mind]
Mithridatism [almost complete immunity to potions, good and bad ones equally]

Mithridatism also prevents them from healing themselves with potions. Thus they look kind of sick all the time. 
Telekinesis requires some effort and concentration, and Russule is bad at mustering both. They can't use it to lift or move around something they wouldn't be able to pick up with their own hands.
Inertia : Russule's not an action magician, but a dusty scholar. Coming up with spells and good decisions is almost impossible without tedious preparation.

Magical Aid: Trinket - Cedar Spoon  : a strange kitchen tool with a eye-shaped hole. 

[ Personal Information ]

Personality: Russule is a pretty secretive, and even though they do enjoy some company they're also comfortable being alone. Their main trait is probably laziness : if they could they'd sleep or lie around all day, not doing anything...and they certainly became good at telekinesis just out of idleness. They're also pretty forgetful and will have trouble remembering their students and coworkers names even after a few years. But this doesn't mean they don't care: they actually worry a lot about other people's well-being and health, even though they are too clumsy to show it - they'd just grumble some advice and awkwardly crab-walk away. They're not a person of action: they're way too slow and cowardly to be of any use in a magical battle - they're pretty defeatist on that matter. 

patience : pretty good listener and a perfect quiet company.
mother-hen : despite not remembering most of their students names, they can grow pretty protective. Don't skip breakfast kids, they will find you.
knowledge: well-read and perpetually researching new potions and methods. Too lazy to write books about their discoveries alas.
laziness : it's part of their character, but can be their worst enemy at times.
personal appearance: they're surprisingly sensitive about what people might say about their appearance and body.
compliance: they can put up with almost anything, even abuse and disrespect. 
Likes: walks in deep dark forests + mushrooms + tea
Dislikes: noise + impatience + boring conversations

Russule was raised by a rather absent-minded father in a big wooden house in the forests of southern Russia. Though dutifully looked after by countless cousins of all ages, Russule liked to spend their time alone in the woods, wandering around and picking up all sorts of plants, branches and bird skulls to decorate their room. They pretty much remember their childhood as colorful and eerie as an old fairy-tale; after that, their mother who had never visited more than twice a year came to take the teen with her. Chanterelle wanted to become closer to her child after all these years, but Russule found it hard to bond with this extravagant, high-spirited witch, and grew even more reclusive and shy around her. Eventually they became friends, and Chanterelle really did help her child to become more invested in the study of potion crafting. Around the age of 20, Russule left Chanterelle to her tireless travels and found their own pace, visiting new places and meeting witches and warlocks and other magical beings versed in the brewing of potions. Inspired by these fulfilling encounters and discussions, Russule wanted to be the one sharing their knowledge, and considered becoming a teacher, at least for a while. 

[ Relationship Information ]
Orientation: panromantic demisexual
Status: Single
Significant Other: None
Current Attraction[s]: None
Interests: ???
Family: All the Syroyezhka clan on their father's side, living as conservative hermits in a forest. French mother travels around a lot as a witch botanist. No siblings, but countless cousins.

[ Additional Information ]
Both names mean "mushroom". Meet Mushroom Macshroom. 
RP Style: chat and notes o/ (English's not my first language so it might take time to come up with a proper response)
Helix by Niladhevan
A speedpainting for a dear friend who made a great Mass Effect character


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