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RC - Secret Santa 2014 bis by Niladhevan
RC - Secret Santa 2014 bis

Belated best wishes to :iconwhyte-tyger: ! The RC staff and I are sorry you had to wait so long for your gift, I hope you'll like it C:
RC Secret Santa 2014 by Niladhevan
RC Secret Santa 2014
I was :iconsuperdemon-inuyasha: 's Secret Santa this year! oh oh oh :santa:
Here's her character Yue braving the cold weather to pay baby turtleduck a visit :3 I hope you'll like it! merry christmas!
Republic City - Sulukka by Niladhevan
Republic City - Sulukka
YUAN ACCOUNT (01/09/12) = 1209

Former application

Thanks to :iconkiyokoamaya: for helping me with the profile :heart: !

Name: Sulukka (comes from the Eskimo name “Suluk” that means “feather”)

Age: 68 years old

Nationality: Republic City (for 24 years), but he was born in the Northern Water Tribe.

Affinity: Earth


- Chemistry: He works in Republic City as a druggist.
He used to be more versed in traditional herbalism, but thank to modern instruments, he is able to brew more complex and specific medicines, and thus studies more dangerous substances such as poisons extracted from plants, mushrooms, or even animals' glands. This research served the purpose of the Equalists, as he used some mild neurotoxins in his smoke bombs in order to incapacitate targets.
Currently he still studies and experiments in chemistry, trying to find new medicines and drugs.

- Herbalism: He learnt the science of simples during his travels across the Earth Kingdom, when he was in his late twenties.
Most of his knowledge comes from his mother-in-law, who taught him her clan’s famous healing skills as a dowry. Since then he imported a great number of samples from all continents to his greenhouse in Republic City, where he still studies the properties of all sorts of plants.
Spirits have since invested his green-house and a gigantic tree even sprouted right through his house. Sulukka tries to study its properties but always with the consent and acknowledgment of spirits living in the tree.

- Social activism: even when the Equalist movement slowly crumbled down, Sulukka tried his hardest to defend non-benders rights in all ways possible. Since he considers himself too old for illegal activities, he picked up political activism and struggles to offer help to people threatened by Triads. He converted his former family house into an orphanage that welcomes street kids of all ages. He provides teens small delivery jobs or have them working in his drug store.


✔ : Patient | Reliable | Compassionate to orphans | Hardworking |

✗: Pessimistic | Reckless | Prideful | Indecisive | Rancorous

RP sample: The old man sat silently in the greenhouse filled with plants of all sorts. A faint light came through a high window and drew blurry silver lines on the edges of the large datura leaves as the moon slowly rose in the sky. The air was hot and saturated with the thick scent of flowers - Sulukka had the habit of coming into this room to meditate, and now this had became a place where he would doubt and wonder for hours, asking himself if he was doing the right thing. Sulukka took a deep breath and glanced at the wooden clock, ticking loudly up on the wall. He could hardly tell apart the clock's hands with so little light, but he knew it was nearly time for him to move. He sighed, stood slowly and brushed past the tall plants to the door. He finally put on the goggles - two sinister orange orbs started to gleam in the dark. For tonight, he thought, for tonight I am nothing but a shadow. He muttered : "I just have to follow, to obey". The heavy gas mask made his voice sound low and somewhat inhuman. He shivered. Just to obey, and to follow, and be silent, and never think, never doubt : he simply had to be like a shadow tied to one's will.


Sulukka was born in the Northern Water Tribe in a family of merchants. He left home when he was 20, tired of the conceited manners of the North Pole folk. He only returned there to mourn when his mother passed away.

He traveled for ten years across the vast Earth Kingdom, probably feeling like an adventurer. He collected books and soon took interest in herbalism.
His life changed when he met his future wife’s clan, who lived in a small but proud village in the South-East coast of the Kingdom. He married his beloved Naran (“Sun”) when he was 24 and settled for a while in the village, learning a lot from his mother-in-law. No doubt that these days are the ones he misses the most now.

When he was 38, Naran finally gave birth to their only daughter Erdene (“Jewel”). He treasured his child more than anything. The family decided to move to Republic City, where mixed families were supposedly more welcomed than in the remote areas of the Earth Kingdom. Sulukka opened a small drugstore to make a living out of his healing skills; his efforts paid after a decade of struggling, and he managed to provide comfort to his wife and daughter.

Erdene eventually married a kind young man named Tao, who shared with her a passion for hand-made embroideries. They opened their own shop in the city, but Tao ended up being threatened by a local Triad. One day, the Triad showed up at the store when the couple and Naran were there, and the usual threats escalated into gratuitous violence: the store literally collapsed down. Erdene, who was only 26, and six months pregnant, barely managed to survive the collapse: Sulukka found her agonizing. Her wounds and the loss of both her child and husband soon led her to her end.

The criminals were arrested by the Metal Benders Cops and sent to jail. Since then, Sulukka kept brooding on the event and lost all vitality. Slowly enough, his despair turned into a rancorous feeling toward benders which made him stand straight again. He managed to enter the circle of the Equalists, and in order to prove that an old man could be of some use, he started to manufacture untraceable smoke bombs. A year passed since then, but he still felt terribly depressed and lonely, and he was ashamed that his determination to avenge his family was weakened by his natural kindness.

Since the fall of Amon, dissensions arose among the Equalists and they parted into two factions, one led by the young extremist Gera, while the second one, moderate and quite shaken by the failure of the previous revolution, was led by Sulukka. However, Sulukka started to feel that he was getting too old to be a leader, and he left the movement to become more of a "legal" social activist. Some people regarded his choice as an act of cowardice, others agreed that communication was now possible with the City Council and followed his path.
Sulukka continues to defend non-bender families from Triads, not only using his former connections, but also by providing a safe shelter for street kids. His house has become a small orphanage - easily recognizable since a tree spirit grew right through it. He also dedicates himself to research in the chemistry field, works in his drug store and takes care of the sick children. One might think he's trying too hard to tackle several occupations at once. Maybe to redeem himself ? Or on the contrary to avoid facing the mistakes he still needs to make amends for ?

Additional Info:

- He has the habit of hiring young workers to run errands for him or to assist him in his drugstore, and most of the time he picks orphans who would need money, and now even offers them to live in the vacant rooms of his house. Even though he is kind to them and heal them when they're sick, Sulukka will always stand aloof and somewhat cold.

- His chemistry skills seem to vanish whenever he steps in a kitchen, that is why he eats in restaurants almost everyday.

- He has a tattoo on the left side of his neck : a kanji meaning "wave" and also "roving", for he used to think of himself as a proud traveler.

- His Equalist uniform was slightly modified to fit his tasks, thus including a gas mask and some sort of a back pack, allowing him to carry up to 24 smoke bombs with him. His main job was to provide restock whenever Equalist members would need more bombs, and eventually to cover the ones in immediate danger. Since he wasn't a skilled fighter nor a chi-blocker, and due to his rank, he mostly gave orders and carefully coordinated the operations.

- Naran, Erdene and Tao were the only family he had left. He used to be a good friend of an earthbender, but he cut off all ties with him since the accident.

- He usually smokes a pipe when he is angry. He also has a hookah in his room, used for his worst temper tantrums.

- He is now often seen walking around with a wooden, carefully carved cane. His Equalist years have left him a slight limp among other minor but painful injuries. Some would fear this cane is mostly used to smack anyone who'd try to annoy him.

Note : if you want your character to live in Sulukka's new orphanage, feel free to do so! :D


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